Thunder Dog Rescue Rescue Dogs and Puppies for Adoption

in Thunder Bay, Ontario. 


General Questions about adoption and things you need to know.


All of our adoptions are trial adoptions.  Should the situation not be a match for the adopters and the dog, the dog can be returned to the rescue and your money completely refunded.

Tanya White from Calgary, Alberta.  An amazing Graphic Artist donated her time to Design the Thunder Dog Logo to represent all of our Great Canadian Dogs.  I would like to say you did an amazing job.  I know you put a lot of work into it for the dogs.  I can't thank you enough.  Not only do I love the logo but it makes me proud to be helping these amazing dogs under the Thunder Dog Umbrella.    Everyone who sees the logo compliments that they think it's awesome.

Adoption Process

Make a call to the Rescue or contact us by email

Fill out an application which you will find on our website

I will make arrangements for you to visit the dog or pup you are interested in once an application is received.

I will do a home visit to where the dog or pup will live.

There is an adoption fee 


 I have been in dog rescue for almost 10 years now.   I have been fostering for various dog rescues in the city, as well as rescuing and rehabilitating dogs on my own.  I created Thunder Dog Rescue out of a desperate need for more dog rescues in the Northwestern Ontario Region.  With so many remote communities in our area, there is desperate need to save these dogs. Thunder Dog Rescue does not practice breed discrimination.  We are an all-breed rescue that focuses on pregnant females and females with pups to have a safe place to go with their pups when the surrounding rescues are full and could not take them.  Thunder Dog Rescue, a dog rescue in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada

The tragedy of life circumstance for these moms and their pups, unfortunately, means freezing to death in colder months or being eaten by other animals.  Winter in Northwestern Ontario is cruel and unyielding.  If the pups are lucky enough to be in a den or someplace warm that they survive the cold, the deck is still stacked against them.  All too often the female leaves the pups to find food for herself and does not return.  Hit by a car, shot, abused or attacked by other animals, this not only ends her life but is a death sentence for her pups as well.  

Should pups manage to survive birth in warmer months they can suffer in their short lives the unimaginable tragedy that nature or man has in store for them.  Young pups can die from easily treated worms or treatable infections.  Sometimes they are simply a meal for another animal.  This is not their fault.  They are the innocent victims of not spaying and neutering dogs and no access to veterinary services or medications.

I myself can not save them all but I will make room for whomever I can.  These dogs have no choice about where they came from and the life they have had, but they and their pups deserve better, deserve a chance.  I will do what I can and what is within my power to help.

Owner surrenders will also be considered to be taken into the Thunder Dog Rescue if possible.

If you are not in a position to adopt your own dog, why not sponsor one of ours while they are in rescue.  You will receive updates on the dog or pup until they find their own loving home.  If you live out of the country no problem.  Just contact me Rebecca 1(807)622-6523 or and we can make arrangements.  We also accept cheques if you would like to simply mail your donation.

If possible Thunder Dog Rescue will be seeking registered charity status.  There is a certain amount of work involved in this process, so it will not be happening right away.

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